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1025 NE Miami Gardens Drive, North Miami Beach, FL 33179

General Studies Teacher, K-2 Class

Dalya is an experienced educator with a genuine passion for working with children. She truly feels that every day she’s learning just as much from them as they learn from her. Her education journey started at Toras Emes, where she served as an Executive Function Coach for the past six years. She joined the JEMS family last year and instantly fell in love with the students, staff, and the school's mission. Dalya holds certifications in ADHD and Family Coaching and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Special Education at the University of Florida, along with a Graduate Certificate Program in Dyslexia, which she expects to complete within the next three months. She is a devoted mother of three, with two in high school and one in college. She has a five-year-old dog. Beyond her professional life, Dalya enjoys reading, organizing, traveling, and quality time with her family. She takes immense pride in being a part of the JEMS family, contributing to its growth.

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1025 NE Miami Gardens Drive,
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