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It's hard to say which group is luckier in JEMS' unique integration program: our JEMS students or the YTCTE students. The benefits to both, and the astronomical growth, has been beyond anyone's wildest expectations. In fact, directors from schools around the country have told us that nothing like our program exists anywhere in the U.S.

What makes our program so special? With daily integration between the YTCTE 4th and 5th grades and weekly integrations with the boys' middle school for clay art, hundreds of neurotypical children are interacting with our JEMS students throughout the year. The 5th grade girls consider themselves lucky to be able to reinforce learning, play games, and work on social skills with JEMS kids every day; for some, it's their favorite time of day. Daily recess interaction is also a highlight for both groups.

You would be hard pressed to come up with a more immersive experience to teach children proper middos. Acceptance, understanding, compassion, patience: These are but some of the middos their teachers say that their neurotypical students have been developing throughout the year as a direct result of the JEMS integration program. Says Ruchie Berkman, 5th grade girls' teacher, "I have seen such growth and maturity, sensitivity and kindness from my students. They truly benefit from this partnership with JEMS."
Our JEMS students, in turn, have accelerated growth in their educational advancement, as they are eager to strut their stuff to their 5th grade friends. Their social skills have also improved immensely, as they strive to mimic appropriately modeled behavior. Their friendships with one another are as genuine as the gorgeous smiles on everyones' faces.

It's truly a WIN WIN for everyone!

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1117 NE 163rd St., Suite C,
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